The Gear

These are my first baby steps into photography, so don’t expect too much in terms of my knowledge of gear. For now, all images posted on the site have been shot with my FUJIFILM with I acquired in June 2016. If I post anything taken with a different device or camera, it will be explicitly mentioned in the post.

All links below will be Amazon affiliate links. If you intend to purchase one the items mentioned on this list, please use one of the affiliate links on this page and support me in the process. If you do, thank you so much. More people should be like you. 🙂

About the gear:

I have always been a proponent of good high-quality gear and do my best not devolve into some kind of pack animal or obsessive-compulsive tweaker of stuff, but rather just focus on getting it to work for me. It is just camera after all.


xt10-gearWhen I decided to get a DSLR, I wanted to ensure I got something that wouldn’t break my back, my bank and was versatile enough to be able to experiment with different types of photography. With a TIPA award under its belt, I felt confident that I can grow with it and so far I’m pretty happy with it, even though my big hands do tweak the odd dial on it from time to time.

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For an in-depth review, go here.

For complete specs, go here.

Fujifilm FUJINON XF18mm

I added this lightweight pancake lens to my repertoire recently (03/2017). The box included a bag for storage and a metal lens hood, which is nice. On the camera is feels small and versatile and without the hood attached, it becomes almost pocket sized. Still forming my opinion on its performance, but for now, I’m pretty happy.

To buy it on Amazon, go here.

For complete specs, go here.

Manfrotto Tripod

ManfrottoTripodTo be fair, I don’t technically own this particular piece of gear, I borrow (steal) it from my partner from time to time when she is not looking. Sturdy and light, but susceptible to shaking when I stomp around near it.

To buy it on Amazon, go here.