A Unique(ish) Perspective

Hi there, my name is Torben and welcome to my site. This photography thing is mainly a hobby these days, but one I truly enjoy and want to share. I won’t pretend to be an expert on photography, so if you want an expert guide or decades of photography experiences, I would suggest you go elsewhere. However, if you like what I do and you want to see more, then you can read more about what I personally think about photography, how I go about creating certain images, what my workflow is and how I use the tool I can afford at the moment.

And while I do hope you like my photography, you should know that my main occupation is currently not behind a camera. Feel free to browse my various content on this site, and over here and here and even here, to get a feel for my work. You can also browse my LinkedIn profile if that is more your thing.

If you want get in touch about a project, an idea or just to tell me to buy less Lego, then send me an email on “torben.jensen (at) outlook . com” or try to reach out via the force. Dark side users have a distinct advantage here. You can also use the form below.