WPC: Chaos – Blissfully Chaotic

Chaos to me is being blissfully ignorant about something really bad about to happen because I lacked the capacity to see it coming. Its unpredictability combined fear and despair. Our friend in the image was inspired by that. He clearly has no idea that the sky is literally falling around him, about to plunge his plasticky Lego appendages into chaos. Also got to screw around with a lot of manual settings and high-speed mode to make this image.


Also had a lot of fun taking this. Had to dump my entire Lego collection behind him repeatedly to make the shot the way I liked it. I’m positive my neighbours think I’m supremely accident prone or mental. Should you like it, then I have a whole collection of Lego theme images on Flickr.

This post is in response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Chaos

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