WPC: Magic – Geek Shrine

Magic is a fickle thing. As children, magic is everywhere. It’s in clouds above and the insects below and the life we experience in-between. We then grow up and everything becomes ordinary and we forget the magic we saw floating by on a Saturday afternoon in May. It’s a special kind of sad, but its life. So when magic reappears in your life, the magic of people, coming together around an idea or a cause, sharing a moment in time, that’s the adult kind of magic and that is much harder to trivialise and forget.

On Torchwood, Ianto died and I was crushed. It was emotional, heart wrenching, painful to watch, and even harder to accept. It seemed to create a bond between people, strong enough to create his Shrine in Wales, where the show was filmed. So why not take the Doctor(s) to see it.


This probably won’t be my last Lego themed picture but felt it relevant for this response. Was originally posted on my Flickr after a trip to Wales. Go there to see (a lot) more Lego themed photos.

This post is in response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Magic



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