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The horizon or future is an unknown quantity to some extent. Sure everyone knows that their future both short and long term will involve taxes, chocolate and eventually death, but until then everything can change. Priorities can shift, partners can change and the source of your next paycheck could be a mystery just two months from now. All you can do is choose what is best for you and hope everything works out. So my future involves yet another country and with it more chances to explore. Explore places and people, getting my hands dirty with my craft and finding more secrets.

dscf2145-2So why is there a picture of a balloon horse? Because I didn’t expect it to peek out at me like that. I still have a little exploration left in me for Brussels. Who knows what the future brings? Probably more floating horses or hopefully something a little less psychedelic. Below are a few other shots from Brussels this Christmas. Had to experiment a bit with night photography and long exposures. Most suffered from “people-unwittingly-shaking-the-gorram-tripod” syndrome, but at least one was pretty cool. Enjoy!




This post is in response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: New Horizon

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3 thoughts on “WPC: New Horizon – Explore

    • Well… It is a country made of beer and chocolate, so most of the time the treats are awesome. 🙂 But did notice roasted chestnuts and smoked salmon being prepared, but the pictures didn’t look that great so decided to omit them.

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