WPC: Names – Temporary

Names are temporary things. They are concepts that remain fluid and malleable and will ultimately be forgotten as language moves on. We imbue them with great meaning and pride and try to celebrate them with rituals and totems, and then we forget. The long for the history books, if lucky, and then gets left behind. As a society, we will forget the majority of them, what they meant and why they were here and that’s ok. It’s a reminder of how temporary our stay here really is.


These images were shot in Parc de Bruxelles right after I arrived in Brussels. It was a nice sunny day playing around with my camera, exploring a place I would get to call home for a short while. This particular sign, Bois Reserve aux Jeux D’enfants (I think), caught my eye. Clearly showing the signs of weather and age, the rust and decay quite evident, it is still beautiful.


Don’t worry too much about forgetting a name or two. Just remember why it was important for as long as you can and tell others. It’s our only kind of limited immortality.

This post is in response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Names

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