WPC: The Road Taken – The Calm Raft

Sometimes the road taken is not what you expect. What’s ahead is unknown and scary and possibly not what you actually planned, expected, wanted or feared. So just go out there and do stuff, whatever that stuff is, and see where the road takes you.

imgp3854This shot was taken in Croatia, back in 2006, with my old point-n-shoot Pentax Optio WPi (its current whereabouts are unknown but might be lost at sea). It was tweaked a bit in Lightroom to match my memory of the experience. My memory does seem to feature a lot of slightly oversaturated images these days. Might need to look into that.

Anyway, what was supposed to be awesome river rafting with meter high waves and fast-moving currents turned out quite differently. It was very late in the season so it was less wild river rafting and more a chilly, slightly-drunken cruise. In my head, I had imagined a ferocious torrent of water taking me on a death-defying journey, but alas. Still, it was a great day out enjoying the water, taking the occasional snap and chatting with our local guides.

During the cruise, I was told that the local government was erecting hydroelectric dams on the river, which according to Wikipedia has unfortunately happened since. The natural beauty of the area was a great experience and having it partially submerged part of the year is a loss to everyone.

In any case, the road taken can be full of unknowns and insecurities and that’s ok. Living a safe life without any unknowns seems like a waste of time and effort. This was worth it, even if I didn’t get some damn waves that day.

This post is in response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: The Road Taken

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